Towngas Telecommunications Company Limited (TGT) was awarded “2015 China IDC Industry – Excellent Carrier-Neutral Data Centre Award” in the 10th Internet Data Centre Conference (IDCC 2015). On behalf of TGT, Mr Henry Yeung, Vice President of TGT, was honored to accept the Award on stage. The Award was acknowledged as the highest accolade in the China IDC industry, which fully recognised TGT as a trusted partner to provide data centre services.

According to Mr. Zheng Shuhan, General Manager of TGT Dongguan, the government’s implementation of Internet + strategy and the growing demand of cloud computing technology have profoundly reshaped many traditional sectors. As customers increasingly call for better and stronger data services, the IDCs in the industry are required to increase their business size, expand their product portfolios, and expedite their services. Currently, large data centres are still scarce while traditional self-owned small data centres cannot satisfy customers’ expectations due to a lack of synergy and management skills which meet the international standards. As the first node of TGT’s network of data centres in the Mainland, TGT Dongguan has TIA-942 Tier 3+ level data centre infrastructure facilities which are specialised, carrier-neutral, and highly reliable, providing a VIP custom service model geared to industry needs. Furthermore, it is working with strategic partners to develop highly reliable cloud products that serve industry and disaster recovery needs such as financial cloud, as part of its drive to expand into the cloud computing service market. Adhering to its mission of providing the ICT industry with the best-in-class and most reliable cloud computing infrastructure, and exceeding customer expectations, TGT Dongguan is committed to offering specialised products and reliable support services for the industry’s moving towards the “Internet+”.

IDCC 2015 was successfully held on 5-7 January 2016 at China National Convention Centre in Beijing. The event attracted over 8,000 visitors, the overwhelming number marked a remarkable chapter throughout the decade. TGT joined the conference with the theme of “Developing Smart Cloud Applications via IDC+”. By showcasing our data centre business, financial applications and customer testimonials, visitors came to understand TGT’s customisation and integration of internet financial cloud solutions plus cloud enabled data centres. Our exhibition booth stood out from the mass of exhibitors and left visitors with a lasting impression.