Data Hall Introduction

Powered by top-of-the-line infrastructures, coupled with professional application and robust security system, TGT Chibo is well-positioned to guarantee the security of all sensitive and confidential data. TGT Chibo makes use of its strengths, resources and corporation with its partners to provide a mature recovery disaster system which ensures that the data of business-critical operations will never be compromised or damaged.

Security And Fire-extinguishing System

Financial-level security facilities

  • Anti-intrusion security system and anti-collision facilities
  • Security check at entrance and exit, plus anti-tailgating system
  • Two-way access control in core regions with biometric security device
  • 7×24 CCTV surveillance system and security guard monitoring

Classified security zones management and dedicated authority management

  • Classified 5 levels of safety management zone, the higher the level, the stricter the protection measures
  • Implemented strict access control according to the scope of work of the staff

Dedicated fire-protection surveillance and fire-extinguishing system of the data hall

  • Gaseous fire suppression system covering whole data hall
  • Fire system to achieve remote networking
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