Products & Services

Making use of its own strengths and corporation with partners, TGT Chibo is dedicated to customising a wide range of services and solutions for customers, e.g. data hall and hosting services, business continuity management, disaster recovery, cloud computing services, IT operation management services, IT professional consulting services and cold data processing and storage services.   

TGT Chibo has constantly addressed customers’ concerns by providing safe, reliable, flexible and efficient data hall services to ensure smooth and safe operation. Customers include telecommunications service providers, large and medium-sized enterprises, financial institution and government organisations.

Site Resources

  • Colocation
  • Customized data hall
  • VIP exclusive area
  • Office equipment and resources
  • Conference room and resources

Cloud Computing Services

  • Public cloud
  • Private cloud
  • Financial cloud
  • Elastic cloud

Business Continuity Management

  • Remote data backup
  • System risk assessment
  • Remote backup and synchronisation
  • Disaster recovery exercise
  • Disaster recovery consulting services

IT Operations Management Services

  • O&M management
  • IT monitoring system
  • Network operations management services
  • Storage operations management services
  • Security management services

IT Professional Consultation Services

  • IT infrastructure consultation
  • IT operation consultation
  • IT strategy and planning consultation
  • IT implementation consultation
  • Data centre planning consultation services
  • Training and learning services

Cold Data Processing And Storage Services

  • Data processing
  • Data migration
  • Data storage
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